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Complete 2 Compete

The C2C program has been relaunched at all Mississippi public colleges and universities with a renewed focus on providing assistance to students most in need. * The program's mission remains unchanged, increasing the number of Mississippi adults with credentials of value. To accomplish our mission, we will continue striving to remove barriers that keep adult learners who have earned college credits—but not a degree*—from returning and completing their degree.

The University Studies Degree Program is intended to serve adult learners who have earned at least 90 credit hours but have not completed a baccalaureate degree and have not attended a post-secondary institution in the past twenty-four months based on the last date of attendance.


  • Is 21 years of age or older
  • Has earned at least 12 hours of college credit but has not yet earned a degree*
  • Has been out of college for at least two years

To help overcome financial barriers, C2C will continue to offer participating returning students a renewable grant of $1,000 each qualifying semester. In order to serve those most in need, the eligibility requirements for the C2C Grant have been updated to include a maximum household income and age limit. The C2C Grant application, along with instructions for submission and complete eligibility requirements can be found on the C2C Grant Page: