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Master of Business Administration

Since 1976, Mississippi Valley State University has been offering a world-class graduate education and has been producing leaders of the business world. The MVSU Department of Business offers an MBA program that is strategically crafted to bridge the gap between pre-professional students and leaders in the workforce through experiential learning, professional development, networking, and service opportunities. Students in our program can bring their educational experiences to new heights through remarkable internships, amazing career development workshops, and engaging with faculty that teach based on real-world application. Our MBA graduates have moved into an assortment of careers such as Accountant, Management consultant, Human Resources Manager, Marketing Director, Financial Advisor, and countless more thriving professions.


The MBA Program welcomes students with undergraduate degrees in any discipline. Applicants to the MBA Program must submit the following:

  1. A complete application form for the MVSU MBA Program
  2. Official transcripts of collegiate work.
  3. Three professional letters of reference or recommendation and each recommendation letter should have the accompanying Letter of Recommendation Form that is part of the graduate admissions application.  In addition, each of the three recommendation letters should have a signature.
  4.  A statement of personal and career objective and how the MBA Program will aid in achieving the objectives
  5. A professional resume or curriculum vitae (CV)
  6. Copies of your most recent immunization records. If you have attended Mississippi Valley State University, your immunization records should be on file with the MVSU Admissions Office.
  7. A Professional Statement (cover letter format).  A copy of a professional cover letter template can be downloaded to aid you with the formatting for your professional statement (/sites/default/files/banner/professional_cover_letter_template.docx).
  8. For international students, scores from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). The student’s admission to the MBA program will be evaluated by the MBA Admission Committee in the Department of Business Administration.
  • Note:  Only six hours of graduate coursework completed at one or more universities or colleges are transferable.

Admission as a Non-degree seeking student

Applicants who have met the undergraduate foundation CPC requirements but who have either a 2.80 overall GPA or 3.0 GPA in the last 60 hours of academic work attempted may be accepted on a non- degree-seeking basis. In this case, the student may take no more than six hours of graduate courses.

Post-Baccalaureate Students

Students who have received baccalaureate degrees but have not been admitted to Graduate Studies are classified as post-baccalaureate students. Post-baccalaureate enrollment is offered to accommodate students who intend to enter Graduate studies at some future time, but need prerequisite or foundation courses. In this case, the student may take no more than six hours of graduate courses.

Applicants must submit a fully "Typed" and completed graduate application to the MVSU Graduate Admissions Office with the required supporting documentation with explicit attention to details and accuracy and consistency of all information notated on all submitted documentation (this will be strictly and explicitly scrutinized).  Please be advised that your grade point average (GPA) will not be the only criterion that will be assessed; the entirety of your graduate application packet will be scrutinized and assessed for 1) overall professionalism, 2) the overall accuracy, consistency, and clarity of information on your documents, and 3) the level of communications (orally or in writing).  The graduate admissions application packet must include:

Your professional statement should include the following criteria:

  • Font type:  New Times Roman
  • Font size: 12pt
  • Not more than two or three pages
  • Spacing between sentences should be "1.5"
  • Margins should be "one inch" on all sides
  • Attention to the details and tenants of Standard English Grammar and proper and professional sentence structure
  • Free from any and all grammatical and sentence structure errors; as this will be strictly adhered to and scrutinized

The professional statement should address your

1) professional and some personal motivations for pursuing a professional graduate business degree, 2) why you chose Mississippi Valley State University to further your education at the graduate level in business administration, and 3) how attaining an MBA from Mississippi Valley State University will aid you with the achievement of your professional and personal endeavors.